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Under Eye Augmentation


What is Undereye Augmentation?

A low density soft hyaluronic acid dermal filler is placed and sculpted under the eye to dramatically improve the appearance of undereye hollowness, wrinkles and dark circles. In simple terms, the filler fills up the hollowness. Hyaluronic acid filler hydrates the skin reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

How does it work?

As we age, the fat compartments supporting our undereye region atrophy(shrink). Also the ligaments supporting the region are less tight and suspended. leading to the formation of hollowness and dark circles. This can be caused by genetics, age, environmental factors or a combination of all three.

Undereye filler is injected into this area to lift and add volume. By filling out the hollowness it can reduce the appearance of dark circles under the eye. By reducing the shadow affect caused by the hollowness.
We are seeing clients in their mid-20’s receiving this treatment. Why? Tear troughs/ hollowness are predominantly caused by genetic factors.

Is It safe?

The filler is injected using a cannula. This is a very fine, blunt plastic tube that is fed under the skin. Very safe. Dramatically reduces the the risk of bruising and injury. Cannula’s are used millions of times each year in the NHS. As it is soft and blunt it wont pierce or damage structures underneath the skin

What type of filler do you use?

We use HA dermal filler. A low density filler which is soft and smooth. This allows it to integrate with tissues very well allowing for an effective and natural result.

Combination Treatment

This procedure works fantastically with botulinum toxin (BOTOX/BTX). We inject BTX around the eye muscles, to help open up the eye. We also perform a chemical eyebrow lift: this lifts the excess skin above the eyelid which can sometimes act as a hood on the eye.

Most of our clients who have tear trough treatment also opt to receive a cheek bone augmentation. Filler, which is precisely placed on the cheekbone, adds more contour and lifts the facial structures, further rejuvenating the peri-orbital region.

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  • Sophie-louise Avatar

    Really happy with the results for my lips, I’ve been to a few other places previously but Dermis was by far the best and I’ll definitely be coming back in the future �

    Nicki Avatar

    Kindness attention to detail and genuine caring about their work... I will never go anywhere else after finding Dr Sef and Hannah ... Thank You Soo Much

    Zoe Avatar

    Had the non surgical nose job done by Dr Sef and I absolutely love my new bump free nose! Thank you very much �

  • Juliet Avatar

    I am very pleased with the outcome, Dr Sef gave me exactly what I wanted and made me feel at ease with the procedure. Look forward to returning for my top ups.

    Mohsin Avatar

    I attended the Dermis contour Fellowship, and I would like to say, it was one of the best courses I have attended. As a professional, you are looking to learn from some of the best in the industry to improve your skills and provide high quality care for your patients,... read more

    Chloe Avatar

    Had my lips done a couple of months ago now with Dr Sef in the Ashford clinic. I'm a beauty and fashion blogger so my main priority is looking/feeling good. I've had my lips done with only 0.5ml previously before Dr Sef and I think the procedure was over within... read more

  • Havva Avatar

    very professional when giving advice on treatments, also such a friendly environment

    Сандра Avatar

    I had my fillers done 3 times now by Dr. Sef. And I can't be any happier. I am usually very cautious about treatments like these. But Dr. Sef made all experience amazing, from reassuring and comforting to answering all the questions regarding the procedure. Plus the receptionist is so... read more

    Darcy Avatar

    I had my lips done just over a week ago... Dr Arf was so professional and made me feel so at ease. Will definitely be returning! Thank you. Xx

  • Sanam Avatar

    So happy I found Dermis Clinic! It's clean and modern and the staff are great. I go here for my laser hair removal with Mel. I wouldn't go anywhere else! Mel is fab and so friendly. She always makes me feel so comfortable.

    Yasmin Avatar

    I had 1ml of filler put in my lips by Dr Sef a few weeks ago. They’ve settled beautifully and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. The whole experience was amazing - Dr Sef is undoubtedly the best medical professional I’ve met. He listened to exactly what I wanted... read more

    Megan Avatar

    Had my lips done the other day at Dermis! Absolutely love them! Dr Arf was really professional and make me feel at ease! Highly recommended, and also pretty much pain free!

  • Gabby Avatar

    I would highly recommend Dr Sef to anyone contemplating getting fillers. He completely put me at ease and delivered amazing results. I will definitely be returning in the future!

    Louise Avatar

    I have always been interested in achieving fuller lips and at the beginning of 2018 I had my first treatment at a different clinic, following the treatment my lips had been deformed causing bumps, which made me extremely insecure. I found Dermis Clinic’s instagram page and arranged a consultation.... read more

    Roxxanne Avatar

    Dr. Sef has done an absolutely amazing job I wouldn’t recommend any other person. My lips being as perfect as there are now has gave me the most confidence thank you☺️


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