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Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty


What is Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty?

Non-surgical rhinoplasty is an amazing treatment which can dramatically enhance the appearance of your nose. In as little as 10 minutes you can have a new nose. The procedure is performed using hyaluronic acid dermal filler. Filler is injected into the nose and then sculpted to smooth out bumps. Filler is also injected into nasal tip to lift it. Lifting the nasal tip causes the nasal tip to turn upwards, causing it to look smaller from the profile without changing the position of the nostrils. Filler is also used to contour wide flat noses.

How long does it last?

Like all dermal filler procedures, filler lasts dramatically longer with repeated treatments. In the nose, results can last up to 6-9 months after 1st treatment. With the 2nd treatment the results can last up to 18 months. Of course this is not an exact science and filler is metabolised different between individuals.

The Process

You will have a consultation with one of our medical professionals. They will diagnose what type of nose you have and a treatment programme will be put in place and explained to you. You can have the treatment on the same day, however you can go away and think about the procedure before going ahead. When you first make contact with us, you will receive the information required in order to make an informed decision before your treatment day.

Does it hurt?

We use an ultra fine needle. The most you will feel is a small scratch. However pain is subjective, some individuals will feel more than others. We have anaesthetic techniques to ensure you are most comfortable throughout your procedure if these are required.

Won’t adding filler into my nose make it look bigger?

The answer is no. In fact your nose can look smaller. Heres how; the total volume of a typical nose is 30-40mls , consisting of bone, cartilage and skin. We never add more than 1-2ml of filler into the nose. To the naked eye the increase in size by 1ml is undetectable. However by smoothing out bumps and lifting the nasal tip the nose blends into the face and is in harmony with the rest of your features.

What does my nose look like from the front?

Your nose will look more narrow and contoured from the front. This is because when the filler is placed in the bump it is sculpted and pinched inwards. This is of course another benefit of the non-surgical rhinoplasty procedure.

Combination Treatment

Most of our clients who receive the non-surgical rhinoplasty, opt to have in addition a lip and chin augmentation. This combination is also called profile balancing\ profiloplasty. By having a lip augmentation and a chin augmentation this will further enhance the side profile. By carefully selecting the right proportions of chin and lips, we can make the nose look smaller.

Your nose will look more narrow and contoured from the front. This is because when the filler is placed in the bump it is sculpted and pinched inwards. This is of course another benefit of the non-surgical rhinoplasty procedure.

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  • Nertila Avatar

    Very happy with their work worth the money ...Hair free. Very recommended .

    Megan Avatar

    On Monday I had fillers for the first time with dr.arf and I’m so happy with the results! He made sure the whole process was smooth and I wouldn’t go anywhere else!

    Sandy Avatar

    friendly and welcoming with amazing results . Definitely recommend. X

  • Hannah Avatar

    I went to see Dr Sef at Mayfair yesterday and my experience was amazing. Dr Sef listens to everything you say and takes this on board, reassuring you of any worries you may have. I came away feeling very happy. I had the non surgical rhinoplasty and 1ml of lip... read more

    Victoria Avatar

    Had a non-surgical nose job with Dr Sef and not only did I feel comfortable and relaxed the whole time, he got just as excited about the results as I was. I love my new nose and loved his passion for his work so much I’ve booked to get my... read more

    Sophie Avatar

    I’v had my lips done twice now by Arf and they have never looked so good! I’m so happy with them and Arf was very welcoming and professional throughout!

  • Jayne Avatar

    Super experience at Surrey clinic with Mel. Had laser hair treatment and it has made a massive difference.

    Sophie Avatar

    I had my lips done with Dr Sef 2 days ago, absolutely loving them, I had a thorough consultation and great after care advice, highly recommend

    Cariska Avatar

    Professional, efficient service. Friendly staff, always will to be flexible and accommodate changes. Everything was explained properly and I always felt I knew what was going on. Great place and would definitely recommend it for any clinical needs in and around Coulsdon.

  • Claire Avatar

    I had my first ever filler on Wednesday with Dr Sef, and he was absolutely brilliant from start to finish. Dr Sef was extremely professional, patient and friendly. I love my lips � I will be coming back to Dr Sef for more treatments, and already recommended him to my... read more

    Jenny Avatar

    A friend of mine had lip fillers with Dr Sef last year and I was very impressed with her outcome so decided to have them done by Dr Sef. I have previously had them done a couple of times before over the years at different places and both times I... read more

    Rachel Avatar

    I had my nose done yesterday I was super nervous but Dr Sef was amazing it didn’t hurt too much and I’ve had no bruising or pain
    I’m super happy would def recommend

  • Taylor Avatar

    I'm so glad I came to dr sef for my lips they look amazing !! I've got loads of friends that have been else where and I've never thought they looked good, they've always had lumps in there lips after or are really dispaportionate, I wanted a natural lip, nothing... read more

    Sasha Avatar

    Had my first ever experience with lip filler just over 7 days ago, lips have settled to exactly the outcome I wanted. Everything was explained well and I felt comfortable and trusting of Dr Sef. The procedure was pain free too! Will be booking soon for my next 1ml. Thank you

    Katie Avatar

    Can't recommend enough. Had lip fillers with Arf and so happy with them. Have had lip fillers in the past and this has been by far the best result. Friendly, professional and pain free. Can't wait to come back


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