Jawline & Chin Augmentation


What is Jawline & Chin Augmentation?

High density dermal filler is injected at the mandibular angle (angle of the jaw), mandible ( jawbone) and the chin. This creates a sharp and contoured looking jawline. Injecting at the angle of jaw creates a sharp right angle. As well as creating a more striking appearance. We use jawline filler to improve the appearance of jowls.

How long does it last?

Once injected, high density hyaluronic acid can last up to 18 months. With each repetitive treatment results will last longer. Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring molecule found in the body, hence your body will gradually metabolise and break down the filler. Hot climates, sunbeds & fast metabolisms speed up the breakdown of filler. Filler lasts longer in areas with a poorer blood supply (cheekbone, noses & undereye). Lip filler breaks down quicker. This is because the lips are very vascular and have a strong blood supply, therefore will increase the metabolism in that area. Also we are constantly moving are lips to talk, eat etc this also speeds up the breakdown.

Does it hurt?

We predominantly use a cannula technique for this procedure. This involves making a tiny pilot hole with a needle into the skin. This is then removed. A blunt end, small plastic tube (cannula) is then inserted into that pilot needle hole and fed underneath the skin. The beauty of this technique is that it is safe and we can harmlessly push the cannula in several direction over the jaw+chin and deposit the filler. Given the blunt end, it dramatically reduces the risk of bruising and damage to tissue structures. The pain level is minimised as most of the work is being done underneath the skin, where there are minimal pain receptors. Traditionally we used 5-6 needle injections along the jaw and chin, this meant increased chance of bruising and increased pain as the skin would have needed to be broken 5-6 times. The pilot hole can be numbed with local anaesthetic, again making the procedure virtually pain free.

How much filler do I need?

You have to appreciate that the jawline & chin are large areas. Therefore a larger quantity of filler is required to create noticeable results. We recommend a minimum of 3MLs to start off with. At your consultation a tailored treatment programme will be provided for you.

Won’t it make my face look more full/fat?

Absolutely not. When injected and sculpted properly it does the opposite. It creates structure and sharp contours. Your face will have more definition and appear slimmer. We place filler sub-periosteal ( just above the bone ) when you build on your existing bony architecture, you can create sharper features.

What are the side effects?

If your unlucky you may have some temporary bruising. At your consultation we will go through the full side effect profile. However using a safe filler with cannula technique dramatically reduces the risk of bruising and other side effects.

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  • Evann Avatar

    I had 1ml filler with Dr Sef just over a week ago and I am so happy with the results. Dr Sef explained everything to me and he reassured me about any concerns I had and they turned out exactly how I wanted them, I can’t wait to come back... read more

    Ashleigh Avatar

    I had my lips done recently and i am really happy with the outcome, the whole experience was great although I was nervous Dr sef made me feel really at ease, would. Highly recommended him!

    Taylor Avatar

    I'm so glad I came to dr sef for my lips they look amazing !! I've got loads of friends that have been else where and I've never thought they looked good, they've always had lumps in there lips after or are really dispaportionate, I wanted a natural lip, nothing... read more

  • Juliet Avatar

    I am very pleased with the outcome, Dr Sef gave me exactly what I wanted and made me feel at ease with the procedure. Look forward to returning for my top ups.

    Donna Avatar

    I went to see Dr Sef, for a non surgical rhinoplasty, and I also had lip fillers. He is so professional and puts you at ease straight away. I love how my nose and lips look � Would highly recommend Dr Sef and I will be returning.

    Gabby Avatar

    I would highly recommend Dr Sef to anyone contemplating getting fillers. He completely put me at ease and delivered amazing results. I will definitely be returning in the future!

  • Molly Avatar

    Had my CORE training with Dr Sef last week. Had such an amazing day, was very professional, and got to learn so much. Loved that it was practical and I now feel very confident. Since the training he has been supportive. Thank you.

    Lisa Avatar

    Great work and doctor isn’t too bad to look at whilst injecting your face

    Hema Avatar

    Thank you very much.

  • Jodie Avatar

    Had my lips done a week ago by Dr.Sef in Ashford. Dr Sef made me feel so relaxed throughout the treatment and constantly made sure I was ok. The treatment it’s self was almost completely painless due to anesthetic being used. Dr Sef asked what I wanted my lips... read more

    Rachael Avatar

    Had my lips done couple weeks ago now, after searching around and not good with pain I decided to go with dermis! I am over the moon and completely pain free !! Other friends and family have now booked in � thank you

    Ioana Avatar

    I am so happy I had my lips,chin, jaw fillers done at Mayfair Clinic. Amazing service, professional advise and pain free experience. I had my lips done before but I never felt so amazing during and after the procedure. Thank you Doctor for my new amazing look and I will... read more

  • Havva Avatar

    very professional when giving advice on treatments, also such a friendly environment

    Sophie-louise Avatar

    Really happy with the results for my lips, I’ve been to a few other places previously but Dermis was by far the best and I’ll definitely be coming back in the future �

    Lauren Avatar

    highly recommend the dermis clinic, I had dr sef for my first ml and then dr arf for my second! I am over the moon with the results and will 100% be going back. Such lovely and professional staff, make you feel at ease and a painfree procedure �


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