Forma Treatment


Treatment Summary

Treatment Time: 30 Minutes

Recovery Time: No Recovery Time

Length of Results: Immediately, but typically after two weeks the most noticeable results appear. Improvements continue up to three months after treatment.

Results: Lasts up to one month.

Side Effects: No side effects

Back to Work: Straight Away

What is Forma and Forma Plus?

Forma is a non-invasive method of gentle, controlled heating of the skin using bipolar radiofrequency energy. In general, Forma is administered to the face and Forma Plus is used for the body and larger treatment areas. The heat is only delivered under the skin, to the deeper layers of the dermis, leaving surrounding tissues and the surface of the skin unharmed. As a result, skin elasticity and fine lines can be improved and lifted.

What does it feel like?

The treatment is painless and has been likened to a warm massage. No anaesthetic cream is needed.

How does the skin look afterwards?

The treated skin often looks slightly pink afterwards, and this reaction should settle within a couple of hours. Makeup can be applied straight away and normal activity typically can be resumed immediatey afterwards.

Which parts of the body can be treated?

Any part of the body where there is concern about skin laxity can be treated (e.g. face, neck, underarms, knees, thighs, abdomen). There is a larger treatment head, called the Forma Plus, available to treat non-facial skin and larger areas.

How many sessions are required?

It is usually suggested that weekly sessions be performed for six to eight weeks, but some patients may need more sessions and some may need less. The tightening usually occurs straight away and improves over several weeks.

Can Forma be used with other treatments?

Yes. Forma works well alongside other treatments, such as personalised skin care, wrinkle reducing injections, fillers, and lasers.


£125 per session


  • Hannah Avatar

    Had my lips done for the first time ever here. They swelled up a lot as would be expected but already tonight the swelling has nearly all gone and I am so in love with how they look! The entire process was explained to me and I was made to... read more

    Selvia Avatar

    The level of professionalism and attention to detail is second to none. It is clear and reassuring that the staff are very knowledgable in each area of expertise, they are happy to answer any queries and concerns which really put me at ease and made me feel comfortable. Will definitely... read more

    Juliet Avatar

    I am very pleased with the outcome, Dr Sef gave me exactly what I wanted and made me feel at ease with the procedure. Look forward to returning for my top ups.

  • Ashleigh Avatar

    I had my lips done recently and i am really happy with the outcome, the whole experience was great although I was nervous Dr sef made me feel really at ease, would. Highly recommended him!

    Chloe Avatar

    💗😃 once again so incredibly impressed with my results. Had the non surgical rhinoplasty with Dr Sef and I love my new nose. Dr sef makes sure your results are to perfection and won’t let you leave other wise, he is so thorough with the treatment and helped me feel... read more

    Jeyda Avatar

    So happy with my new nose thanks to Dr Sef! Highly recommend Dermis clinic ☺️

  • Ioana Avatar

    I am so happy I had my lips,chin, jaw fillers done at Mayfair Clinic. Amazing service, professional advise and pain free experience. I had my lips done before but I never felt so amazing during and after the procedure. Thank you Doctor for my new amazing look and I will... read more

    Darcy Avatar

    I had my lips done just over a week ago... Dr Arf was so professional and made me feel so at ease. Will definitely be returning! Thank you. Xx

    Vitne Avatar

    I started my laser hair removal treatment at the end of December. Only 2 treatments in and there is barely any hair, I am stunned by how good the treatment is. Amirah is absolutely lovely, she’s a great listener and has made me feel extremely comfortable each time I’ve been.... read more

  • Demi Avatar

    Have my underarms lasered here and have just had my lips done for the first time and I am so pleased, they look amazing! The laser is the best thing I have ever done, would never go back to waxing or shaving. Mel is amazing at what she does and... read more

    Hope Avatar

    10/10 customer service and results every time and Sef is always super friendly!!

    Jenny Avatar

    A friend of mine had lip fillers with Dr Sef last year and I was very impressed with her outcome so decided to have them done by Dr Sef. I have previously had them done a couple of times before over the years at different places and both times I... read more

  • Yasmin Avatar

    I had 1ml of filler put in my lips by Dr Sef a few weeks ago. They’ve settled beautifully and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. The whole experience was amazing - Dr Sef is undoubtedly the best medical professional I’ve met. He listened to exactly what I wanted... read more

    Cydnie Avatar

    Had my lips done twice with Dr Sef, he did an amazing job & I am soooo happy with the results I will definitely be going back �

    Lauren Avatar

    I have been to see Dr Sef twice so far and each time I have left extremely happy. He has managed to make my lips look exactly how I want them after I previously had them done by someone without the skills to carry out lip augmentation properly. Thanks again... read more


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