Cheekbone Augmentation



1ml £250


1ml £325

Treatment Summary

Treatment Time

20-30 minutes

 Recovery Time

Minimal redness and swelling

Length of Results

6-12 Months


2-3 MLs required over the first year for longevity of results (depending on your individual goals)

Side Effects

Swelling and bruising

Back to Work

Straight away

What is Cheek Augmentation?

The cheek area can be simply divided into two areas. The malar area( front of the face) and the zygomatic area (the arch of the cheekbone). Filler is placed in these areas to create more contour, definition and shape, whilst lifting the facial tissues, resulting in a face lifting affect.

How does it work?

With cheek augmentation we are placing the filler in the supra-periosteal plane ( just above the the actual bone of the cheek) and just beneath the skin. We use filler in layers to build on your existing cheekbone.
this does two things:

* It creates a beautiful aesthetic contour and high arched cheekbone. Giving your face more definition and structure.It pulls up draping facial tissue.

* Cheekbone filler is used as part of our filler facelift treatment. It is a fantastic product for lifting. Remember once injected the hyaluronic acid filler absorbs water and expands. As it expands it pulls up and tightens back facial tissue.

We call the cheekbone augmentation a 2 in 1 treatment as you get a beautiful contour and facial lifting effect.

Does it hurt?

We predominantly use a cannula technique for this procedure. This involves making a tiny pilot hole with a needle into the skin. This is then removed. A blunt end, small plastic tube (cannula) is then inserted into that pilot needle hole and fed underneath the skin. The beauty of this technique is that it is safe and we can harmlessly push the cannula in several direction all over the cheekbone and deposit the filler. Given the blunt end, it dramatically reduces the risk of bruising and damage to tissue structures. The pain level is minimised as most of the work is being done underneath the skin, where there are minimal pain receptors. Traditionally we used 5-6 needle injections along the cheekbone, this meant increased chance of bruising and increased pain as the skin would have needed to be broken 5-6 times. The pilot hole can be numbed with local anaesthetic, again making the procedure virtually pain free.

How long does it last?

Once injected, high density hyaluronic acid can last up to 18 months. Which each repetitive treatment results will last longer. Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring molecule found in the body, hence your body will gradually metabolise and break down the filler. Hot climates, sunbeds & fast metabolisms speed up the breakdown of filler. Filler lasts longer in areas with a poorer blood supply. Cheekbone, noses & undereye filler tender to last longer than lips for example. This is because the lips are very vascular and have a strong blood supply, therefore will increase the metabolism in that area. Also we are constantly moving are lips to talk, eat etc this also speeds up the breakdown.

How many MLs will I need?

It depends. On average most of our clients have 4-6 Ml. 2-3ML on their first session and then another 2-3ML 6-8 weeks later. This ensures natural looking results and longer lasting results. 1Ml for cheekbone (unless you are just topping up) for a first-timer will have a very subtle effect. To create high arched, structured cheekbones, 2MLs is required initially. 1 on each side.

Won’t adding filler to my cheeks make me look chubby?

Absolutely not. When injected and sculpted properly it does the opposite. It creates structure and sharp contours. Your face will have more definition and appear slimmer.

What are the side effects?

If your unlucky you may have some temporary bruising. At your consultation we will go through the full side effect profile. However using a safe filler with cannula technique dramatically reduces the risk of bruising and other side effects.


  • Georgina Avatar

    Can’t recommend Dr Sef enough. Would never go anywhere else! The staff are friendly and welcoming. I had filler in my nose and lips and the results are amazing. Hardly any pain and the swelling is minimal.

    Marie Avatar

    Had the 2ml package with Arf at the Surrey clinic and could not recommend Dermis Clinic more 😊 was so professional and spoke me through everything completely exceeded my expectations and will definetly be returning 10/10 x

    Lisa Avatar

    Great work and doctor isn’t too bad to look at whilst injecting your face

  • Meggan Avatar

    I had the most amazing experience at the Chingford clinic, Thank you so much! My entire face is transformed and in just 6 minutes I still cannot believe the results I have hated my non existent chin and chubby jawline for so long it has put me off having my... read more

    Lucy Avatar

    Hi I would just like to say a massive thank u to arf. He listened to everything I had to say prior to filler n was great throughout. I bruised quite badly and quickly immediately after which worried me as a first timer , but arf was very helpful and... read more

    Mohsin Avatar

    I attended the Dermis contour Fellowship, and I would like to say, it was one of the best courses I have attended. As a professional, you are looking to learn from some of the best in the industry to improve your skills and provide high quality care for your patients,... read more

  • Hope Avatar

    10/10 customer service and results every time and Sef is always super friendly!!

    Melissa Avatar

    After having had lip filler done previously by two different people one being a nurse and one a doctor (a well known one) in Harley street, and both injecting the filler above my top lip, I started to think there was something wrong with my lips that it migrated there.... read more

    Vitne Avatar

    I started my laser hair removal treatment at the end of December. Only 2 treatments in and there is barely any hair, I am stunned by how good the treatment is. Amirah is absolutely lovely, she’s a great listener and has made me feel extremely comfortable each time I’ve been.... read more

  • Kajal Avatar

    My husband took time off work to come for consultation and you wasted his time by saying it’s not the reason for price (laser hair removal) ITS UNACCEPTABLE!
    Waste of time

    Kelly Avatar

    Had my lips done just over a week ago with Arf for the first time. I’ve had them twice before with Dr Sef and I’m extremely happy with them. Thank you for being so nice, professional and friendly! Absolutely love them!

    Izabela Avatar

    Dermis Clinic thank you for my yesterday’s treatment! Dr Sef and Hannah are very welcoming and polite. I just regret that didn’t do 3ml instead of 2ml. I’ll be back for sure. 5* for you guys xx

  • Sue Avatar

    Everyone is so friendly and put me at ease from the moment I walked in the door. My results were fantastic! I highly recommend Dermis Clinic.

    Dawn Avatar

    I had the worse lip filler here by Dr Sef. my lips went rock hard and full of painful lumps. i returned twice and he just painfully massaged them which did nothing. i then had to pay elsewhere to have the filler removed which has still left me still with... read more

    Rita Avatar

    Visited today, amazing service, makes you feel welcomed and comfortable, very warm people, will go back for many other treatments. Amazing experience!!


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