Anti-Wrinkle Injections



1 area’s £150
2 area’s £200
3 area’s £250
Gummy smile £150
Jawline slimming £250
Axillary hyperhidrosis £300

Treatment Summary

Treatment Time

5-20 Minutes

 Recovery Time

12-24 Hours

Length of Results

3-6 Months


Redness, mild swelling will fade 10-20 minutes after treatment

Side Effects

Swelling and bruising

Back to Work

Straight away

What is Anti-Wrinkle Injections?

Anti-Wrinkle injections is a neurotoxin. A chemical which temporarily blocks the nerve impulses to muscles. Preventing them from contracting. It is injected as a solution into precise areas on the skin. Over the next two weeks the anti-wrinkle injections will take effect. Over 3-6 months your body will clear the Anti-Wrinkle Injections and the muscle contraction will return.

How is Anti-Wrinkle Injections Preventative?

Wrinkles are depressions in the skin. As muscles contract in the face, they shorten. The skin on top falls into the depressions. Over time the skin gets used to this movement and lines begin to appear. if you receive Anti-Wrinkle Injections twice a year, for the majority of the year your muscles are not contracting, allowing the skin respite and non-movement. Currently our average age of patients receiving Anti-Wrinkle Injections is 28 years.

How long does it last for?

Between 3-6 Months. Around 5% of the population can develop an antibody to Anti-Wrinkle Injections. The body will become more resistant to Anti-Wrinkle Injections and results will not last as long as 6 months. However this is only a very small handful of the population

What areas can you treat with Anti-Wrinkle Injections?


What is the downtime?

After a thorough consultation the procedure is actually very quick. Lasting 2-5 minutes.
There is very mild redness from the injection point and some bumps in the skin from where the solution of Anti-Wrinkle Injections is.

This normally settles within 10 minutes. A few of our clients come in on their lunch break, given the relatively low downtime Period. Results will kick in at around day 2-3. Final result is 2 weeks post injection. A top up may be required. This is completely FREE and included in the price you pay.


  • Сандра Avatar

    I had my fillers done 3 times now by Dr. Sef. And I can't be any happier. I am usually very cautious about treatments like these. But Dr. Sef made all experience amazing, from reassuring and comforting to answering all the questions regarding the procedure. Plus the receptionist is so... read more

    Vitne Avatar

    I started my laser hair removal treatment at the end of December. Only 2 treatments in and there is barely any hair, I am stunned by how good the treatment is. Amirah is absolutely lovely, she’s a great listener and has made me feel extremely comfortable each time I’ve been.... read more

    Keely Avatar

    I had my lips done by Dr Sef a few days ago. He listened to everything I wanted and explained everything in detail for me. Even when I got faint/sick during the appointment he stood there fanning me until I felt better😂. So happy with the results and service, 100% recommend

  • Anne Avatar

    I've had 6 sessions of laser hair removal now with Mel. She is really friendly and very well experienced. The whole process has been definitely worth the money. I have seen a massive difference since the laser hair removal. I would definitely recommend dermis clinic and to go with Mel.... read more

    Amy Avatar

    This evening I had lip filler by Dr Sef, i’d had a bad experience before with my lips being overfilled so I put off having them done again for 4 years until I saw Dr Sefs results. He placed the filler in the correct place and listened to what I... read more

    Annalise Avatar

    I literally couldn’t have asked for anybody better to do my lip fillers! I did a lot of research on who to go to and I was adamant I was going to Dr Sef and made my friend use him too. I had been contemplating getting them done for such... read more

  • Danielle Avatar

    My lips are amazing. Thank you so much.

    Roxxanne Avatar

    Dr. Sef has done an absolutely amazing job I wouldn’t recommend any other person. My lips being as perfect as there are now has gave me the most confidence thank you☺️

    Jodie Avatar

    Had my lips done a week ago by Dr.Sef in Ashford. Dr Sef made me feel so relaxed throughout the treatment and constantly made sure I was ok. The treatment it’s self was almost completely painless due to anesthetic being used. Dr Sef asked what I wanted my lips... read more

  • Kelly Avatar

    Had my lips done just over a week ago with Arf for the first time. I’ve had them twice before with Dr Sef and I’m extremely happy with them. Thank you for being so nice, professional and friendly! Absolutely love them!

    Donna Avatar

    I was very nervous to book my lip filler in as alot of friends had told me how ‘painful’ it was , after looking at dermis clinics instagram over the space of few months i decided to go for it. I was still nervous when i turned up but within... read more

    Nadia Avatar

    I've had laser hair removal done at Dermis clinic with Mel. She is brilliant! Very professional and makes you feel comfortable. I’ve had laser before but the laser machine used here is by far the most comfortable so far. I would highly recommended.

  • Nicki Avatar

    Kindness attention to detail and genuine caring about their work... I will never go anywhere else after finding Dr Sef and Hannah ... Thank You Soo Much

    Nertila Avatar

    Very happy with their work worth the money ...Hair free. Very recommended .

    Demi Avatar

    Have my underarms lasered here and have just had my lips done for the first time and I am so pleased, they look amazing! The laser is the best thing I have ever done, would never go back to waxing or shaving. Mel is amazing at what she does and... read more


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