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Anti-Wrinkle Injections

Treatment Summary

Treatment Time: 5-20 Minutes

 Recovery Time: 12-24 Hours

Length of Results: 3-6 Months

Results: Redness, mild swelling will fade 10-20 minutes after treatment

Side Effects: Swelling and bruising

Back to Work: Straight away

What is Anti-Wrinkle Injections?

Anti-Wrinkle are injections which reduce the appearance of wrinkles. They are typically made of Botulinum Toxin, which is a neurotoxin. A chemical which temporarily blocks the nerve impulses to muscles. Preventing them from contracting. It is injected as a solution into precise areas of the skin. Over the next two weeks the anti-wrinkle injections will take effect. Over 3-6 months your body will clear the Botulinum toxin and the muscle contractions will return.

How are Anti-Wrinkle Injections Preventative?

Wrinkles are depressions in the skin. As muscles contract in the face, they shorten. And the skin on top falls into the depressions causing the lines to appear. Over time the skin gets used to this movement and lines begin to appear or are “etched” into the skin.

If you receive Botulinum toxin injections twice a year, for the majority of the year your muscles are not contracting, allowing the skin respite and non-movement. Currently our average age of patients receiving Anti-Wrinkle Injections is 28 years of age, as this is typically the age where permanent “etching” starts to occur.

How long does it last for?

Between 3-6 Months. Around 5% of the population can develop an antibody to Anti-Wrinkle Injections. The body will become more resistant to Anti-Wrinkle Injections and results will not last as long as 6 months. However this is only a very small handful of the population

What areas can you treat with Anti-Wrinkle Injections?


What is the downtime?

After a thorough consultation the procedure is actually very quick. Lasting 2-5 minutes.

There is very mild redness from the injection point and some bumps in the skin from where the solution of Anti-Wrinkle Injections is.

This normally settles within 10 minutes. A few of our patients come in on their lunch break, given the relatively low downtime period. Results will kick in at around day 2-3. Final result is 2 weeks post injection. A complimentary top up may be required.

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Interested in one of our industry leading treatments? Our highly skilled and professional team are ready to guide you to achieve the results you’ve dreamed about. We can’t wait to exceed your exceptions here at Dermis Clinic.

Get in touch today!

Interested in one of our industry leading treatments? Our highly skilled and professional team are ready to guide you to achieve the results you’ve dreamed about. We can’t wait to exceed your exceptions here at Dermis Clinic.



Patient Reviews

Dermis Clinic

Patient Reviews

Recent patient

Dear Dermis team

The purpose of my message is to express my sincere gratitude for the impecceable service I have received.

This is for the easy and speedy communication via what's up, as well as the experience encountered in your clinic including the charming colleague who checked me in.

My appreciation is by no means an understatement and you all have made me feel extremely valued.

I wish I would have known about you before visiting another clinic as I am now able to reflect on the comparison of my experience.

Dr Sef, thank you for making me feel so comfortable, something I sadly did not experience with the other clinic.

I believe, that you were honest and transparent and demonstrated skills I infortunatley did not witness before.

The most important point I am trying to make is, that considering that the procedure is very intimate, you made feel at ease.

The result looks great and I am looking forward seeing you in two weeks time.

Thank you again.

Emma Louise Gatenby

I just had my final (6th) session for laser hair removal treatment with Mel. I must say they just got a new machine and it is pain free. I would definitely recommend Dermis Clinic Mel is really friendly I will be booking another treatment later in the year. I’m really happy with the results 😄 Thank you so much

Hope Bristow

10/10 customer service and results every time and Sef is always super friendly!!

Helen P Ellerby

The laser hair removal has produced excellent results for me and I think it is one of the best available

Amy Yates

I have been coming to Dermis Clinic for years for multiple laser treatments and have found it great quality and Mel is so lovely. Due to this I decided to have my Botox done by Dr Sef rather than my usual clinic. I felt at ease straight away and despite being too early to see my results (takes 10-14 days) I can already tell by previous experience that Dr Sef’s treatment will bring great results. Thanks!

Hannah Pockett

Had my lips done for the first time ever here. They swelled up a lot as would be expected but already tonight the swelling has nearly all gone and I am so in love with how they look! The entire process was explained to me and I was made to feel comfortable and at ease. Would recommend to anyone thinking about getting a procedure done. :)

Lisa Marshall

Great work and doctor isn’t too bad to look at whilst injecting your face

Tatqna Kancheva

Best clinic ever I have had experience in lip feeler with both Dr. ARF and Dr. SEF both very professional, even got my 3th treatment discounted wohoo I am coming back to you lovely Dermis Clinic Chingford ❤️ back soon Great staff, very polite and pain free

Vitne Le

I started my laser hair removal treatment at the end of December. Only 2 treatments in and there is barely any hair, I am stunned by how good the treatment is. Amirah is absolutely lovely, she’s a great listener and has made me feel extremely comfortable each time I’ve been. The clinic itself is super cute and most importantly clean! Would 100% recommend!
Vitne x

Molly Boxall

Had my CORE training with Dr Sef last week. Had such an amazing day, was very professional, and got to learn so much. Loved that it was practical and I now feel very confident. Since the training he has been supportive. Thank you.